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The Beauty of the Wheel of Life

The Wheel of Life is a very popular tool usually in the form of a worksheet that is used by coaches or mental health professionals to help their clients understand how balanced or fulfilled their life is in this moment.

It usually consists of 8-10 categories that are considered to be important for a whole, happy and balanced life. Clients rate their level of satisfaction with each area, then position them on a pie chart inspired wheel. This gives them an immediate overview of their current "life balance". In theory, the life wheel is a scoring system that enlightens clients to see instantly which areas of their life might need improvement for them to be more fulfilled.

What are the Key Categories on the Wheel of Life?

The Coaching Wheel usually has 8 categories for life balance, although sometimes it has as many as 10. These categories can be changed to suit each client.

Here is a list of categories and their common alternatives:

  1. Family and Friends: This can be split into two different categories but it is totally down to how you feel comfortable.

  2. Significant Other: Other category name ideas include "Dating" or "Life Partner" or "relationship".

  3. Career: "Motherhood", "Work" or "Volunteering" are alternative labels you could use.

  4. Finances: Other label name ideas include "Money" or "Financial Security".

  5. Health: The category name could be split into "Emotional" and "Physical".

  6. Home Environment: This category can change to "Work Environment" for career or business clients.

  7. Fun & Leisure: The category name could change to "Recreation".

  8. Personal Growth: The category name could be "Learning" or "Self-Development".


When we score our satisfaction levels against each of the wheel categories, this gives us a great helicopter view of what is - and isn't - working for us in life. You can rate your satisfaction with each category on the wheel by simply drawing a line. Then by rating the different segments for satisfaction, you will clearly see which areas of your life need attention.

Once completed the wheel will likely look 'wavy'. You may then choose to set goals or create an action plan around the areas of life where satisfaction is low. Use this tool regularly to see how you progress overtime. You will thank yourself when you see how much more balanced your life is!

For more information and some template ideas follow the link below.

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