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Royal UK Ms Central Scotland - Stephanie Gillan

I’m Stephanie Gillan, your Royal UK Ms Central Scotland.

My platform is bringing awareness of mental and physical affects of the mind. I have my own platform called Mind Your Mindset which focuses on real life stories from those who have suffered or currently suffer from poor physical or mental health of the mind.

I am a trustee for a UK mental health organisation called Unmasked Mental Health and run Unmasked Mental Health Scotland.

I also volunteer for several different organisations as a befriender for the elderly and most vulnerable and have just started volunteering for a local homeless charity.

I do a lot of work within the community raising funds for the local foodbank, setting up support groups for mental health support and supporting the elderly.

I am so excited for finals in July to compete alongside my amazing Royal UK sisters.

Royal UK Miss isn’t just a system, it’s a true sisterhood 💜

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