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Rebecca Asghar - Classic Miss Diamond East London 20/21

My name is Becca Asghar. I am your Classic Miss Diamond East London 2021. I decided to enter Miss Diamond when I turned a milestone birthday. Also, a good friend of mine died at age 82 early this year and had suffered from dementia and social isolation in her last few months. I decided to make my platform about arts and older people, to facilitate intergenerational contact and reduce social isolation especially for older people.

My own arts company, Friends of Alfred, is set up to educate the public about the legacy of the film director Sir Alfred Hitchcock in Leytonstone, his birthplace. It is aimed at reducing social isolation via arts and entertainment. I am also involved in several charities including Magic Me Arts, Infinite Oasis Care and Age UK in different ways to benefit older people.

I have done a 13 mile walk for Alzheimer's Society raising £200 and walked 26 miles for The Samaritans, the chosen charity of Miss Diamond, raising £200. am a brand new pageant girl and this is my first pageant. When I was first accepted, it was still lockdown. However I have participated in over 71 appearances mostly online campaigns of over ladies as well as organising 3 of my own based on gritty social issues, history, diversity and equality. I have come runner up in two photos competitions for Face of July, won Best Smile in another online pageant as a side award and won Best Catwalk at my very first charity pageant Miss Empowerment when this was the first time I had ever been on a catwalk!

I cant wait to share the rest of my journey and achieve my goals - Becca Asghar

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