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Miss Stoke on Trent Pageant Queen - Megan Wright

Hi there! My name is Megan Jane Wright and I am proud to be your current Miss Stoke On Trent Pageant Queen UK! Miss Pageant Queen UK Is a system all about equality and diversity, we strive to cheer all women. My fabulous directors are Debbie Hughes, Laura White, Heidi Leake and Erin White who put their heart and souls into running an amazing system that shows love and support for not just everyone taking part but to everyone who comes across them. During my time as a finalist I have been raising funds for the Peter Pan centre for children with special needs. Unfortunately The Peter Pan centre is not government funded which means they have to raise £40,000 a year to keep their doors open which is why it is so important to support them. I have a total of £150 raised so far by holding my own online raffle to win a hamper full of bath time goodies which was a great success and also a raffle where you can win £200 worth of Alton towers theme park tickets which is still running for £5 a go! If you would like to get involved my Just Giving page is linked down below. My platform - It’s time to start thinking about equality for all women. I have an extremely strong desire to live In a world where all women are equal no matter what colour, age, shape, size or age they are. As a victim of bullying and assault due to the way I look and the number I weigh on the scales I have always been treated differently and constantly put down about these things but enough is enough and I will not sit in silence any longer. Its time to seek for equality and to make noise! I want to make people smile and feel supported as a finalist and a queen crown or not! And overall I want to make a difference. Even if I only impact one persons life, my purpose would be fulfilled. I’d like to thank Jessica Ingham for the giving me the opportunity to tell you all a bit about myself and my amazing system which you can still enter by the way! The entry deadline is the 25th august 2021 and I’ll leave the link down below💛 If you wish to follow my journey towards the finals of MPQUK in September this year you can find me on Instagram at @missstokeontrent_pquk Sending you all lots of love! Megs x

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