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MIND the Mental Health Charity

I have experienced mental health issues for over a decade and it has become part of my normal daily life. I had to relook at everything in my life and make changes like never before. This included exercise, diet, social life, education, work and my relationships. Mind really helped me get through all the trauma and mental health issues I had and still help me to this day.

More about Mind

Mind is a charity that provides advice and support to help people who experience mental health issues. They run amazing campaigns to improve services, create awareness and education in relation to mental health. They have a positive and caring community and strive on helping the people who access them. Mind is active on social media sharing success stories, campaigns and advertising their services.

The information and Support section on their website has so much to offer. This includes A-Z of mental health key words, drugs and treatment and legal rights. You can also seek help for someone else. You can find out about discrimination, helplines, and tips for everyday living.

Stephen Fry became President in 2011 and is Mind’s leading ambassador and advocates on their behalf. Another big name, Ann-Marie, singer song writer hopes to create awareness and understanding of mental health and mind locally and nationally.

Donate to support us monthly.

Jasmin’s story

During Mental Health Awareness week, a blogger and community activist, Jasmin wrote for Mind. She said:

“I was born female and grew up to become a full-bodied, mentally broken but gorgeous brown woman. However, in the back of my mind, I always knew something was slightly wrong with that label “woman”. I am a proud global feminist and am forever disgusted that 50% of this world has to experience so many horrors due to their gender, yet I can’t call myself a woman. Not even in solidarity.”

Jasmin goes on to explore mental health, gender, race and religion. She talks about her own struggle. You can read her full story on

A cruel world and campaigns to help

This world we live in today can be cruel. People with mental health issues can find that others misunderstand and stereotype them as ‘miserable’ or ‘unmotivated’. Mind campaigns for mental health education that people be more understanding on the subject. They run many campaigns including work on legislation, employment and housing.

Mind is even included amongst other charities on the Heads Together movement led by the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge and Prince Harry. This initiative includes a £2m fund to create digital tools for young people seeking help. There are new programmes to support mental health in schools, workplaces, and the defence community. Another Campaign Mind are involved in is the help people who are suffering with mental illnesses receive statutory sick pay, fighting discrimination in the workplace.

What has Mind been doing during the Covid-19 pandemic?

Covid-19 did not put a stop to Mind campaigning and fundraising. Many supporters hosted virtual coffee mornings, book clubs and even virtual cook-along's

and fitness classes.

They also set up a ‘Blue Light programme’ which is there to support people who are working in the emergency services. In any situation these types of jobs can be challenging and the pandemic has only made matters worse. Through research this year, Mind suggest that 69% of emergency responders felt their mental health had deteriorated. They are working with the Ambulance Staff Charity, Police Care UK and The Fire Fighters Charity to ensure emergency responders have access to support and the help they need.

They have also created a coronavirus Hub where people can find out the latest information and tips on how to cope with lockdown and the changes the pandemic has left us to face.

In addition the Mind website now has a section on dealing with the easing of lockdown. This is something that is causing many people mental health issues just now,

How to get involved with Mind

Mind has plenty of ways to get involved. You can support the movement on better mental health. That might be by donating, fundraising or supporting their work and campaigns. Mind is a charity and would not be able to run without their supporters.

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