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Hannah Brennan - Ms Lincolnshire Atlantic UK

Hello everyone, I’m Hannah and I’m competing in Miss Atlantic United Kingdom, representing Ms Lincolnshire!

This is my second year in the pageant world and I love it so much. I have a great pageant director, Romy, who’s platform for Atlantic is MIND. This means so much to my heart because I’ve been in and out of hospital over the last 3 years with my mental health as I’ve been diagnosed with psychosis, bipolar, OCD, anxiety, disassociation and anorexia. I’ve been over medicated, gained weight and lost hair.

But with all the love and support of my friends and family, I am so much more healthier and happier. It would mean the world to me that people knew more about MIND so like me, they can receive the much needed support they may need. If people would like to follow my journey, I have a Facebook page called Cassoni Photography and Modelling and I’ll be happy to help guide anyone on a similar journey as me!

Lots of love, Hannah

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