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Charlotte Dean - Miss Hasting's International 20/21

Updated: Jun 13, 2021

Hi everyone, I am Charlotte - your Miss Hastings International Finalist.

I love being a pageant girl and so far I have competed in and won Miss Pirate Queen 2020, winning Best Pirate Outfit, Best pirate Smile and 2nd runner up director’s choice. I have also competed in Miss Christmas Spirit 2020 and won 1st Runner up. I won Miss Selfie Queen 2020. I have also competed in Miss quarantine Rose 2020 and won Best smile 1st runner up, Me and my partner competed in Miss Valentine 2021 and crowned Cupid’s corner winner's. I am so thrilled to be Miss Hasting’s International 2021 and can't wait to meet all of the other finalists and get on that stage.

"I have been sponsored in my local paper four times."

My best in person pageant experience so far has to be the Pageant Land Ball in February 2020, This was an amazing experience because I met Harriotte the current Miss International queen and finalists who I am competing with in July. We had a buffet and disco and had the opportunity to have your photo taken off charlotte Clemmie. It was amazing and made me realise what pageants where and gave me the opportunity to see other people’s campaigns, different systems and meet lifelong friends.

Through pageants I have found myself and 100% improved my confidence – if you said to me this time two years ago, I was going to be in a pageant I would not have believed you. I have found such a beautiful Sisterhood and family that have supported me since our first encounter. It brings out confidence in me that never even thought I had -I did not realise how much I have improved until my coach Harriotte told me she cant recognise the person she first met


My platform is for mental health specifically on depression, anxiety, and suicide prevention. I have suffered with depression since being thirteen and I am also a round suicide survivor. I am setting up a support group for this as my closest is 40 miles away, I want to use my experience and turn it into positive education for people who are suffering with there mental health. I set up a campaign last year where I took two photos that where from 4 years ago and now to show what progress is and showing self-love. By doing this I helped people and complete strangers where messaging me and thanking me saying it really helped them and they had signed onto a mental health program. If I am lucky enough to win I want to carry on this movement and continue to inspire and help others in their recovery.

“Make today so awesome that yesterday gets jealous”.

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Sheia Grey
Sheia Grey
Jun 13, 2021

Absolutely beautiful 😍


Jessica Ingham
Jessica Ingham
Jun 13, 2021

Absolutely loved writing this for a close friend and fellow finalists truly inspirational 👏❤

Jessica Ingham
Jessica Ingham
Jun 28, 2021
Replying to

Your very welcome 😊

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