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Abigail Kabirou- Miss Interglobal UK 20/21

Hi everyone,

As part of my platform I have started the #pageantproject campaign which is about creating awareness for pageants and pageant systems. It is also about spreading the amazing work Queens and finalists do in regards to creating awareness, personal development and charity which is only the tip of the iceberg.

Meet Abigail Kabirou, your Miss Interglobal UK 20/21. She is a 21 year old physiology and pharmaceutical student not to mention being a pageant coach and make up artist - this girl has it all going on as she is also a model. She was trilled to have been crowned Miss Interglobal and hopes to be able to attend the International finals which will hopefully take place in India this September.

She has been working on her walk, interview and has been very active in her community as well as working on her platform - she hopes to unveil something new and exciting on her social media soon so keep your eyes peeled. Without giving to much away Abigail hinted towards the theme of writing and we are super excited to see what she has been hiding up her stylish sleeves. She is very passionate about writing and actually changed lyrics in the song 'Don't Touch my Hair' by Solange to her own poetry and sung it for her Talent portion in her first pageant.

Abigail first entered pageant when she was 17 back in 2018 which was Miss Teen Africa UK and was so inspired to be representing her heritage on the national stage - she even placed 1st runner up in the overall competition. Abigail has lived in the Netherlands but also has Ghanaian roots which influence her life in a beautiful and positive way.

Use the Journey to the Crown to find yourself - learning is winning!

Abigail's platform centres around empowering young women whether that is through business or education which she is very passionate about which shows with her being a science student. She believes if you see someone who looks like you pursuing that certain career you may help someone overcome a fear and they can too! What an inspiration. She also campaigns for Migraine Awareness and has been suffering herself wit chronic hemiplegic migraine's for 6 years. It is a very rare condition and to this day there isn't much research or awareness being created surrounding this so its amazing that she has invested her time to make this happen.

Watch the video below to find out more on our beautiful Queen!

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